Panda Express

Panda Express (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I write this my taste-buds become filled with contempt toward this Panda Express Orange Chicken I ordered in the Westfield Mall. The table next to me is taking turns taking pictures of them with their food.They burst into laughter and I have no idea why. Omg.

Thought Experiment:

Let’s say the table next to me burst into laughter as I was writing this and my paranoid imagination wants to know what it is they find so funny. If I tortured those group of pals to formally define, to the fullest of their ability, what they were laughing at, they’d probably tell me in a couple different ways the following life-bummer:

“I don’t know man you had to have been there.”

After a little more pleading I decide to take their word for it and shift my strategy to trying to recreate the moment where I had to have been to know what they were laughing.

I press the group, through a perfect torture, to recall to the best of their ability what was incidental in the ‘lol’ incident and am given five different accounts. I deduce the most important elements in the scenario was soda coming out of Jason’s nose and pay Jason infinite dollars to make soda come out of his nose again in my reproduction.

Jason and I wait till everyone else regains consciousness. I give them a 15 minute buffer before I yell ‘ACTION’ and Jason has soda comes out of his nose and only 2 out of the 5 people laughed but eventually they all rally against me and have me arrested because its against the law to torture people.


Inherent in this analysis was the search for the tremendous no brainer. Paradoxically, wondering “Why are inside jokes funny?” takes a lot of brainage. There is an initiation, a shared impression for those on the inside of the joke.



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